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Hammerhead Urethane Enhancing Sealer

Hammerhead Urethane Enhancing Sealer
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Hammerhead ES is a water-based, environmentally friendly, protective finish designed to seal and enhance the color of concrete and brick pavers. It is a true alternative to the traditional
solvent-based sealers and offers the same performance characteristics in a water system.
Hammerhead ES penetrates into the surface and produces a tough, durable, clear film that will significantly enhance the color of the pavers. Hammerhead ES binds the joint sand and protects against water damage, staining, and UV ray damage. Hammerhead ES also provides a mildew
protection and tremendous resistance against wear from both foot and vehicular traffic.
Hammerhead ES may be applied to damp pavers which will allow for same-day cleaning and
sealing. Coverage is typically 200 square feet per gallon.
* Call for Contractor pricing or a distributor near you!